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We’re delighted to introduce our new logo, designed to strengthen our identity as a leader in wearable technologies for industrial worker safety as we continue to invest in new product development.

One of our next innovations will be a new and improved range of game-changing ‘enhanced PPE’: safety clothing with embedded colour-changing LED lights. These can be set to flash or remain static and are visible at distances of 400 metres. The lights offer an added layer of protection for workers in dark, gloomy, dusty or confined spaces. Ideal for the construction industry among others, the washable high-vis vests are perfect on night-time or poor visibility projects where danger runs high such as motorway, offshore or railway construction works. This simple, affordable and effective solution has been extensively tried and tested in the field, over several years, and can make a big difference in terms of worker safety.

Strategic Accounts Manager Lawrence Bryon commented: “The new logo reflects what we do and strengthens our brand as we continue to develop new products for the industrial wearable technologies market, always with an aim of improving worker safety.”

For more information please contact lawrence.bryon@wearable.technology or call +44 (0) 7340 043 439.