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Data Analytics

Real-time reporting is a powerful tool to keep operations in check and to make sure workers are safe.

Whether it is worker location, current sensor status, or an emergency alert, management has full monitoring capability through our dashboard, which allows control rooms to stay aware of working environments and react to any potential dangers.

By using the operators’ and technicians’ daily workflows as early warning indicators and by automatically monitoring the environment around them as they perform their daily tasks, situational awareness is improved for the workers, the control room, remote teams, experts, and management.

Using heatmaps and colour-coded pinpoints, accumulated historical data from devices and sensors can be visualised on maps to find patterns and hotspots. Examples include the workers’ migration at a given interval, the location with the highest sensor triggers, or a performance comparison of different groups of workers. Furthermore, reports are used to track performance and safety levels, using the Microsoft Power BI suite.

Powerful predictive data analytics ensure risk can be anticipated, confident decisions can be made and future problems avoided.

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Eleksen Platform screenshot showing a heatmap depicting worker movement for data analytics
Screenshot of Eleksen platform showing a map with locations of workers

Activity Monitoring

When workers carry the Eleksen Hub as part of their PPE, it automatically tracks who is on-site, at what times, their location and the routes they take while moving about the site.

Site Attendance

The system allows you to verify workers’ locations, attendance, contractor hours and the presence/location of third-party visitors. A geofence layer can be added to alert workers to their work zones and any restricted areas.


Data can be analysed using MIS packages and your own bespoke algorithms or KPIs to measure and improve workers’ productivity e.g. by comparing time spent in a specific location to worker output.

Improve Safety

Increase Productivity

Reduce Risk

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