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Driving Workforce Safety
through Data


Driving Workforce Safety through Data

Wearable Technologies Limited is committed to delivering data driven solutions that help businesses protect their workforce from the many hazards which can arise in dangerous environments.

Our Connected Worker Platform, Eleksen, is the world’s leading device agnostic solution that takes real-time data from sensor devices worn by workers and displays it on a dashboard. The insights delivered enable management to proactively change processes and procedures to reduce risk, improve safety and increase productivity. Built around an easy to use ‘tap and go’ infrastructure, it can help workers to be more productive too.

Worker on scaffolding wearing hard hat and PPE including harness to keep safe

At the heart of the Connected Worker solution is the Eleksen Smart Garment – PPE with an embedded electronic assembly. In conjunction with the Personal Safety Hub, the garment can interface with sensor devices to detect worksite hazards. When triggered, the sensors fire alarms both locally and remotely to the Dashboard – in real-time. The Hub features an SOS panic alarm to prompt a faster emergency response when required.

As it is device agnostic, our system can work with an existing inventory of sensor devices from manufacturers such as Casella and Reactec, and even “dumb” devices such as respirators and harnesses. Information collected from each device and each worker builds a detailed picture and a rich data set on a single dashboard. Subsequent in-depth analysis using multiple reporting and analytics modules then produces a comprehensive set of actionable insights. Find out more.

We work with a growing number of leading sensor device partners:

The early warning system for hazardous situations

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Wearable Technologies is proud to work with partners worldwide to deliver our cutting-edge solutions:

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