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Reliable and Tested Wearable Electronics Embedment Solutions

At Wearable Technologies Limited our focus is on developing world-leading reliable wearable electronics embedment solutions. We set ourselves stringent standards in both performance and reliability. Hundreds of hours of testing are conducted in order to find solutions meet our customers’ expectations. Much attention is paid to component selection manufacturing and assembly techniques and developing the technical know-how to reliably build electronic products into garments.

We continue to look forward to working with textile and design partners around the world to bring Wearable Technologies Limited technology into their products. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


The Eleksen™ patent portfolio covers the core Eleksen technology – Elektex™ – a unique electro-conductive fabric touch pad optimised for the creation of flexible, durable and rugged touch screen interfaces which replace the need for hard touch pads and flexi-circuits.

The core Eleksen technology, ElekTex®, is a unique electro-conductive fabric touch pad optimised for the creation of flexible, durable and rugged fabric touch screen interfaces which replaces the need for hard touch pads and flexi-circuits. ElekTex® can be used in applications ranging from wearable electronic controls for consumer electronics, industrial wear and toys to lightweight, low-power touch interfaces for consumer electronics accessories, telematics, military, transportation and space suits.

The Eleksen sensor product is incredibly durable, having been tested in over one million operations. It has also undergone very stringent automobile standard testing (including puncture testing). Because of its construction it is not easily damaged during the assembly process, unlike many other electro-mechanical alternatives. All interconnectivity is made with fabric conductive ribbons eliminating the need for wires.

The ElekTex® technology is perfectly placed for incorporation into a variety of uses and, in addition to its control and interactive sensor functionality, it can be used for hazard sensing, occupancy sensing, deflation sensing and moisture sensing.

Interactive Sensors

ElekTex® not only provides the opportunity to embed controls for these devices into garments and fabrics, but allows the wearer to interface with the controls intuitively, eliminating the need for the bulky and clumsy controls currently populating the market. The interactive fabric sensor has full X, Y and Z axis measurement capability and can determine where and approximately how hard it is being pressed. Interactivity is further enhanced by the sensor’s ability to recognise gestures, such as tapping or stroking.

Hazard Sensors

The Eleksen hazard sensor has been installed in powered rise-and-recline chairs and registers where a hazard that may cause damage or injury obstructs the movement of the chair; however, this could also be adapted for electronic windows, doors and shutters. Where a hazard was detected, the sensors informed the motor to stop and, in some cases, reverse.

Deflation Sensing

A specialist sensor for inflatable cushions and mattresses used in healthcare applications, the deflation can detect when deflation occurs so that contact sores and ulcers can be prevented. The solution can either trigger an alarm if deflation occurs, or it can activate a pump to automatically re-inflate the product to the assigned level.

Control Senors

ElekTex can act as a fabric alternative, a conventional switch or a complex multi-buttoned interface. The Eleksen control sensor essentially acts as a fabric touch screen, and just one sensor can offer the same functionality as anywhere up to 200+ “buttons.”

Occupancy Sensing

The Eleksen occupancy sensor can detect whether someone is present in a motor-driven chair or bed, and interfaces with the motor’s electronics to restrict operation when the chair or bed is unoccupied.

Moisture Sensor

Developed for the healthcare sector for the monitoring of incontinent patients, it is also capable of being used to detect moisture within building and automotive environments.

Conductive Fabric

Conductive Fabric

We are working with a number of partners to incorporate conductive fabric transmission mechanisims into our garments.

iMass™ Signalling System

Commuter Jacket

In what we believe to be a world first, Wearable Technologies Limited has introduced the notion of active signalling for cyclists through our proprietary iMASS™ - integrated Motion Activated Signalling System.

Controlled by motion sensors on the arms of Visijax® Commuter and a central computer built into the control unit, iMASS™ allows you to automatically activate the LED turning signals by simply raising your arms as cyclists normally do. This system makes signalling intuitive and visible in darkness to oncoming and following traffic. Furthermore once the appropriate turning signal is activated, it stays on for 5 seconds-allowing cyclist to replace their hand onto the handlebar and concentrate on making a safe turning, before self-cancelling. By making turning signals more visible, iMASS™ addresses the real difficulty and hazard faced by millions of cyclists when turning within fast moving traffic. iMASS™ is designed to make your commute easier, safer and better.

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